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Looking for RG PVP Build

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looking for guidance on building a Royal Guard for pvp.

Preferably equipment, cards, headgears and weapons 🙂

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Depends on what kind of RG you are aiming for.

Standard devo is stacking a bunch of HP (and ailment resists if they annoy you). here's a pretty subpar build

Top: 35% redux/Blue Polar Bear Cap/-10% DEF if you're into that
Middle: Azure Wings/Stat Wings
Bottom: Music Ring/Blessing of Porings/Saint Ring/Poring Ring
*cards are usually gemini-s58 combo, addax card stacking, or various element resist (e.g. leib)

Armor: +8 Juggernaut Armor/Any unbreakable armor with Tao Gunka (+8Keepers, Magnetite, Valk), ghost property armor, spiritual tunic
Weapon: Grimtooth, Lv4 Exodia--this weapon+saint ring is essentially grimtooth effect
*usually randgris/golem card+fabre or sniper

Shield: valk/bronzite/libra

Garment: Asprika, slotted garment
*deviling for slotted

Footgear: Sleipnir with Amon Ra/Ygnizem/Green Ferus
*amon ra, ygnizem, green ferus

Accessories: elite glove, copper rosary
*gem of pneuma/safety, gem of VIT, gem of sight

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