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Rakk, Exclusive Built-in Macro for Keyboard and Mouse

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Im currently using "RAKK Gears" and has a macro feature separately for mouse and keyboards called "Finetuner".

I usually use it during WoE's.

-You can chain multiple skills + adding left click button to click/hit a target.
-You can edit the delays (ms) that corresponds to your ping into the game. (let me be clear, its not 0 delay).
-You can record the sequence of skills and edit the delays (ms).
-You can set the skills/chained skills to cast forever / until you pressed they key button again to stop.
-You can use it to every kind of games. Like FPS games to switch weapons to cut the delays/animation after firing. Not just in RO.

-Exclusive for Rakk brand. ­čś×┬átoo bad and I wished this could be available/applicable to non-rakk brands.

The purpose of posting this, is that some players who owns this Rakk keyboards and mouse are not aware that it has its own customizable macro.
And are still downloading and using other macros that could be potentially dangerous.

Softwares can be downloaded on itsofficial site @https://rakk.ph/ depending on the model you owned.




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